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Suggestion: Capture Missions Random Surprises


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I think capture missions are far too easy(boring) and totally gives out "this is a grind game feel"


So could we spice things a bit:


     - the following should happen randomly on any normal capture mission and get a notice only at start of mission(a bit like: LOTUS- "oh dang he's here, capture him, I'll make him pay for stealing my underwear);


     - VIP or Escapee would be harder to kill, with shields and higher health(matching mission level of course),

agility slightly improved and kubrow sunika can only slow down VIP(enemy can break loose and knock down kubrow);


     - VIP can use a bunch of skills (providing a good fight against tenno, and requiring a bit of teamwork to take him down):


              - VIP abilities:


                       - flash bang: just drop a grenade like thingy to blind tenno temporarily(same effect as Alad V);

                       - switch teleport: same skill as loki;

                       - AOE shockwave: the same they already have;

                       - knockout kubrow: immunity to sunika takedowns and consequent knockdown confusing kubrow, still this will make VIP lose time witch will be essential to catch up to him.


    - VIP should still be affected by all tenno abilities but remains able to use switch teleport to escape pinning abilities  like vauban's Bastille (novas slow down from molecular prime should either not affect VIP or affect less, otherwise it may become too easy);


    - things going for players ^_^:


               - when this target appears on a mission players are notified from the start so they can be ready or plan for it;

               - there will only be one target to apprehend and longer time/map to capture him before escaping;

               - and then as a reward for players, some nifty badge, or different mod, or weapons parts, or large amount of credits or quest related stuff;



Just sharing ideas ^_^



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Nice ideas, however I'd much more like a stealthy approach to spice it (else if you're run&gunning, the target start to escape but with some solid heavy escort,with heavy gunners/napalms following him in a formation like the one with eximus leaders. They got someone important to protect after all.)

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