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Which Warframe Have You Had Zero Interest Playing And Why?


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I had a hard time with Trinity the first time I had her, sold her at 20 something due to not be able to bear leveling her up. Now I love her and I'm on my way to the third forma.


I have had Valkyr since a while and simply cannot make her reach level 30.


Same with Mirage.

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My list would include:

Mag - Mediocre at everything, good at nothing. All of her viable skills have been nerfed/changed to the point where i've got absolutely no interest in playing her.


Ember - Same story as mag.


Ash - To be honest, a boring skillset. If you want to make the most of him, you are most likely going to have to end up mashing 4 for the entirety of a game, which then leads to posting a screenshot on the forums about how you 'carried the team' with 85% damage dealt.

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Any frame that requires me top spam cc to stay alive or stay relevant. So nekros, loki and others of their ilk, especially nekros. I usually hide the fact that I have him from my teammates unless we absolutely need him and no one else has him. Why does anyone enjoy jumping from spot to spot to tap 3 right before you land. Always an uninteresting experience playing him.




Because sitting there hitting a single button every minute seems terrible.

     All his powers are of use, but nekros...

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Frames: Oberon and Trinity


Reason: asthetics


I dont know why, I'm just not drawn to either. And it's not their skill sets with heals, because I love healers in all games. Maybe the "punch" or pizazz is missing from their looks n skills sets. Looks-wise, it comes down to two things:


1) Trinity --- that lobster tail. no thnx.

2) Oberon --- those hooves... no thnx.


On a positive note, I do think Oberon's color pallete/ frame color meshing is the coolest in the game with that awesome blending effect going on rather than distinct sections being labelled specific colors. It's unfortunate that he's a bit lackluster and other frames don't have that cool dynamic blending aspect.

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Nyx for me.

I mean I get the appeal of her mass CC, mind control powers and Absorb is nasty as hell, but I really don't like how she plays.

It was a grind to get her to 30, and I haven't even bothered to start leveling the prime.

Her powers just don't mesh into combat.

/flameshield raised.

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I can't use Ripline right.

I can't use Paralysis right.

I can't use Hysteria right.

I can't use Warcry because I usually forget it's there.


I can't even color her in right.


So I've got this pink monstrosity in my armory just waiting to be leveled.

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