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Arcane Helmets Sales!

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I have the following Arcane Helmets for sale


2 Aurora Frost
1 Chlora Saryn
1 Coil Mag
1 Esprit Vauban
1 Essence Loki ------------------ 75P Aeonera
1 Flux Nova
1 Gambit Vauban
1 Menticide Nyx
1 Meridian Trinity
1 Reverb Banshee
4 Storm Volt
2 Thrak Rhino
Starting bid on each is 75P, no buyout right now, will add later if i see several offers on same item.
Please note that i have BPs of them so i'll first need the 12hrs to craft them once a buyer is set (or you can add the extra plats needed to rush it, i dont mind)
Happing shopping!
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