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Jeyci´s Fanart (Last Update: The Dark Corner(21/oct)


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Sup Tenno..

Warning, Some engrish ahead.

I'm Jeyci a.k.a. JeyciKon, i'm a 21 years old boy from Portugal and i'm starting to make fanart as an hobby..

So, im just starting to learn so dont expect much from me yet, but i think im doing pretty good so far.., if people like it and support me i may also start doing animations... lets see what happens..


My 4th Work: The Dark Corner:



Tried a different shadowing this time..

ok i give up, i cant draw a kubrow...


-Need Credits for DNA Stabilizers;

-Will trade my Dread for a DNA Stabilizer


No, this is not a critic to the DNA stabilizers price.


My 3rd work: Fetch:





My second fanart: The PowerPuff Embers:



Some months ago, some friends and i tried to make a screenshot of powerpuff Embers for a screenshot contest, but we got several tecnical problems and the screenshot dindnt go that well.. so now i decided to make this, just for fun.



My first work: EtherTrinity


My first work at primetime...hell yeah..
Even i wasn't expecting to make something this beautiful...


Check out my twitter:




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This is a good begining:) I like it.

But i think there's something wrong with her hands (I know It's unusual and difficult angle of view)

Maybe pose of hands should be like that



yeah, i know, hands are allways a problem for me..thanks..

Edited by JeyciKon
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as with all the other votes... it looks great! :) can't wait to see more from you. wish i was an artist type sometimes cause sometimes I have these really cool ideas in my head but then i just can't tell people how awesome it is so it's lost to all but me. alas I'm stuck as a scientist type, which is ok I like science

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very nice jeyci very nice indeed, the art skill is strong in you. Ei if you gona do the Powerpuff Embers why not make the W-team too


Maybe, will think about it, i already have a idea for next week too, so maybe for the the week after, will think about it..

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