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Ninja Legend Recruiting For Rail Wars! Over 90 Clans & Over 30 Rails! Active Clans Shadow, Ghost, Storm Only!


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Hi there,

We have 3 vet players including myself, we play on average 1-4 hour a day. I personally play 4hour +. And 3 non vet players who recently join us and we all know each other in RL.


I officially want to apply for this alliance, my clan details below.


Clan name: Ninja Space Pandas
Warlords: Yonsu, Rixul, Defensive
Clan Tier: Ghost Clan
Clan Member: 6 member total
Dojo: All current Tech but Solar Rails, currently researching Solar Rails 60% done as of this post.
Active: 6/6 currently
Clan Base: All members live in Australia.

Able to contribute to Solar Rails, we have materials in the 100 of thousands per vet member which have accumulated over past year.

We use TeamSpeak 2 a lot, and have our own server. But if you guys have one too we'll be there too


Thankyou for your time.

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Hey everyone!


1. All invites sent already. I forgot to mention that before.

2. As per numerous requests (you all know who you are),  The pic of Excalibur prime with clan (left shoulder) and alliance (right shoulder)emblems

All emblems in the picture are Ninja Legend. I know you all have been waiting a while. Thank you for your patience!



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How active and willing to help other players are your members?

Im not looking for item handouts but i am looking for an alliance for my clanmates who will help them in finding mods and materials they need through generosity or actually helping them in missions.

Current alliance has plenty of members but not enough that help. Would you be able to offer that aid?

procella,head of Umbra Saeculi.Ghost clan.

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we are international. There are members online at all times. The majority of us are eastern standard time though. Let me know if that works for you. =D

good to hear :D so ill leave this here


CLAN: TheLoneTennos

CLAN LEADER: xDesconocidox



Btw we have all the labs to 100%

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