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Houses: The Disciplines Of Tenno Philosophy


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This is thread meant as a lore tie-in to a skill-tree concept I am developing for use with the Mastery system.


18px-V.png - House Madurai


The School of Aggression, largest of the four Great Houses.  The Madurai hold that the best enemy is a dead enemy, and furthermore, that the best methods of killing inflict the maximum amount of damage in the minimum amount of time.  Madurai Acolytes, known as Lancers, are famous for their devastating blitz assaults.  What they lack in subtlety, they more than supply with raw destructive power.


17px-D.png - House Vazarin


The School of Resilience, the second of the Great Houses, and the polar opposite of House Madurai.  The Vazarin combat doctrine is the immovable object to Madurai's unstoppable force, centered around absorbing and dealing huge amounts of damage.  Vazarin Acolytes are called Paladins, unyielding defenders of their kin and their ideal.  Their advance across the battlefield, while lacking Madurai's speed or Naramon's grace, is as implacable and inescapable as the march of time itself.


19px-Bar.png - House Naramon


The School of Guile, the third Great House.  The Naramon believe that Tenno are more than weapons, and more than protectors; they are artists of the battlefield, masters of every aspect of combat and warfare.  Infiltrators, the Naramon Acolytes, navigate the field with a grace alien to their Madurai and Vazarin brothers and sisters, often slipping through an area entirely unseen.  House Naramon is noted to be peculiar and unpredictable, and its members always seem to have one more trick up their proverbial sleeves.


17px-Ability.png - House Zenurik


The final Great House is the School of Mysticism.  House Zenurik is by far the smallest of the major Houses, but is also one of the oldest.  It specializes in the mysteries of the Warframes themselves, and their unique interaction with Tenno physiology.  The Zenurik are frighteningly adept in the use of their Warframe abilities, able to alter the dynamics of battle and obliterate their foes with the wave of a hand.  Even around other Tenno, the Zenurik Acolytes, known as Weavers, cultivate an air of distance and mystery.


17px-Precept.png - House Sila


A Minor House offshoot of House Zenurik and adherents of the Discipline of Coordination, the Sila study the Warframes in the hopes of reproducing their incredible powers for the use of others.  Sila Acolytes, known as Binders, are believed to have engineered both the precursors to modern Sentinels, and the Nai-zhen collars worn by domesticated Kubrows.


18px-Corepol.png - House Pengetikan


A Minor House following the Discipline of Advancement, House Pengetikan is responsible for the engineering and modification of almost all Tenno gear to date, even parts of the Warframes.  Their mark appears most often on Fusion Cores, specially designed modules that store a charge of energy and nanotechnology that can be harnessed to upgrade equipment almost instantly.  Pengetikan Acolytes proudly bear the name Crafter.


18px-WardPol.png - House Unairu


Adherents of the Discipline of the Blade, House Unairu is a splinter faction of House Madurai that holds bladecraft to be the highest of all the martial artforms.  Its Acolytes, themselves known as Blades, devote themselves to mastery of close combat in all its forms with near-religious fervor.  Despite their House's relative youth, Unairu swordsmen are legendary, even among other Tenno.  Unfortunately, the House as a whole still maintains a burning rivalry with House Madurai.

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