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Auras And Ai Allies



For the purposes of this post, I'm going to define AI allies as:


- Spectres

- Shadows of the Dead

- Invasion allies

- Dark Sector Corrupted/Spectres

- Cabinet Spawner MOA


So, I was wondering, what auras will buff the above? I do know that Rejuvenation effects allies (although the hp regeneration is slow enough not to be truely appreciable) and I was wondering if, say, Rifle Amp would effect them. I have tried testing it myself, but its kinda of a hard thing to quantify without having 4 people with maxed Amp's to test with.


Anyone else had any experience here or any ideas? The main thing in my mind would be the effect of say, 2 or so Rifle Amps stacking on shadows of the dead clones in high tier gameplay (like when you resurrect 5+ grineer gunners at once to give the pod some breathing room while you desecrate spam on nekros).

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I have never tested it, but I'm fairly certain that auras only work on your other team members


Thats what I thought as well originally, but I was running my Valk (which had rejuvination equipped) through invasion conflict to collect death marks and noticed all the grineer were regaining hp, and same with the corpus when I swapped sides, and they regained no health at all when I used another aura. Seems pretty convincing to me.

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