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Warframe Concept: Tepes


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LORE | "The History of Tepes."

Each Tenno emerged from the Void, shrouded in mystery and wreathed in their individual powers.  Fire, Ice, Shadows, Death, it was an interesting affair to see the powers that would manifest in each Tenno.  However, there was one that was tainted, bathed in darkness to the point of resembling something inhuman, that only existed in Earthly mythologies.


His bloodlust was insatiable, to the point that it disturbed his Tenno brothers and sisters.  He slayed all enemies that came before him, feasting in their life force and bathing in their fear.



INSPIRATION | "Vlad, the Impaler."

Vlad III, better known as Vlad the Impaler, was the prince of Wallachia, ruling from 1456 to 1462.  He gained the nickname "Tepes," or Impaler due to his preferred method of executing his enemies.  He had attained the reputation of a cruel ruler during his life, causing him to be betrayed by his brother.


Due to the many similarities between himself and the character "Count Dracula," famous vampire, he has been called the human form of the monster, before he became undead.  This mainly comes from his title as Dragula or Dracula, which means "Son of the Dragon," as his father, Vlad II, was a member of the Order of the Dragon.


My inspiration for the Warframe strays away from being a purely vampiric frame.  Tepes is a blend of the legend and the man behind it.



APPEARANCE | "Style and intimidation in the same package."

Tepes has the head piece and upper body displayed in the above picture.  Like Frost, his chassis has a jacket-like armor layer.  In the instance of Tepes, it resembles a double-breasted jacket.  The bottom of the coat and the edges of the sleeves are frayed and torn, and the jacket opens up just above the waist line to trail out behind him.  His legs have a dark sci-fi appearance, with areas such as his knees and feet being sharp and angular.  Default color scheme is gray, black, and red.  He is a little on the taller side, around the same height as Nekros, albeit a tad bulkier-looking.  On the back of the jacket is the back of a European dragon, referencing his name as Son of the Dragon.  The jacket has a "spine," a rigid set of protrusions down the middle that ends at the waist.  His gloves are clawed and are black with large red lights on the backs of the hands.



ROLE AND STATS | "Crushing speed, the new melee master."

Health: 100 [300 at Rank 30]

Shields: 50 [150 at Rank 30]

Armor: 150

Sprint Speed: 1.5

Stamina: 175

Power: 100 [150 at Rank 30]

Aura Polarity: None

Polarity Slots: 4x Zenruik, 1x Madurai, 1x Vazarin


Tepes is made for rushing in and out of battle with guerrilla-style hit and run attacks.  His high natural speed allows for sliding attacks that are almost impossible to defend against, as well as high retreat capability.  Tepes has a decent armor rating, so he's got a bit more raw suvivability than frames like Loki, but has no means of cloaking or instant movement.  Tepes is every bit a high risk, high reward brawler that is most efficient when he slips in and out combat, striking swiftly and then falling back on his Abilities when he gets pushed against a wall.



ABILITIES | "Slay your enemies and steal their life."

1ST Ability : Vampiric Edge

Tepes applies a damage buff to his melee weapon and gains lifesteal when attacking enemies with his melee weapon.

Damage Boost: 10/15/20/30 %

Lifesteal: 15/25/30/45 % of melee damage dealt

Duration: 10 seconds flat, can be altered through mods.


Tepes' current melee weapon glows with his energy color and the above buffs are applied.


NOTE: These buffs stack on top of any mods applied to the weapon, so a weapon with a Magnetic element will have lifesteal on top of it.



2ND Ability : Kazikli Bei

Tepes buffs his slam attack, causing all slams while the buff is active to emit a ring of spears that erupt from the ground.  This causes puncture damage on top of the damage from the slam attack itself.

Number of Spears: 6/8/12/15

Puncture Damage 150/200/275/350 per spear

Duration: 5/8/12/15 seconds


NOTE: The Spears created do not retain any buffs currently on the melee weapon, basically meaning a Corrosive weapon will NOT make corrosive spears.  However, the shockwave generated from the slam attack can proc. just the same.



3RD Ability : Tireless Defender

Tepes creates a sigil on the ground the boosts himself and all friendly Tenno within the vicinity gain movement speed and power recharge.

Power Recharge Rate: 1/3/5/8 point(s) per second.

Movement Speed: 12/22/30/35 % increased movement speed

Range: 10/15/20/25 meters



ULTIMATE Ability : Impalement

Tepes creates a spear out of the energy of the Void and launches it in a straight line ahead of him.  The spear tears through opponents, dealing massive puncture damage and absorbing a bit of their life to grant to Tepes.  Enemies who survive the attack are knocked down.

Damage: 200/275/375/450

Lifesteal: 5/10/15/20 % of target max health.

Range: 25/30/40/55 meters, in a straight line


NOTE: This attack is incorporeal, so while it does deal damage to enemies hit with it, the attack travels through walls, obstacles, and enemies, dissipating only when it reaches its max range.  All enemies hit are afflicted by the lifesteal, which in the right situation, can take Tepes from death's doorstep to a comfortable amount of health, especially on Defense, Survival, and Infested missions.

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