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Movement In The Liset Wrong After A Melee Only Mission.


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Basically what the title says. Whenever I finish a mission with only my melee weapon equipped, my Warframe begins moving as if he has the melee weapon in his hand, when it is on his back. This bug also occured when I was invited to a players dojo for a trade.


How to reproduce: Go to any mission with only melee weapon equipped. Finish the mission and return to the Liset. Voila, bug reproduced. For the dojo bug, try getting invited to someone's dojo. It will not reproduce if you launch your own dojo.

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Attempted to reproduce this but was unable to come up with the bugged result.


My steps:

1)Equipped Orthos Prime only

2)Solo Mode (also tried Public)

3)Ran quick Terminus mission


Result: Came back to the Liset with no movement issues.


Any specific suggestions? Thanks!

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