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Some Void Bug I Actually Found.


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That one occurs sometimes in survival if the door are bug out :P







After I played the new intro as I was interest in that I also seem to fight bosses and got those segment

I fight them in order to get my mark on the stalker.

Normally That would not be a issues since I always allow to install it HOWEVER

If I got two segment It allow me install one of the two and left the one behind my inventory to rot.

It isn't game breaking but that I actually have that is irritating me because It seem like a punishment for play the tutorial as a veteran.

Suggestion? Yes it should be allow to sell it for 1000 credit  and why not include as permanent drop of the bosses so you can get extra credit for farming for new player :)








I love to explore i though discover a new thing in the void but sadly is a bug in the image actually reflect something on a file but image that is very low in resolution and it only occurs on that one.

I though as cool idea if there is a floor underneath with those glowing tree though hehe







That is from the secret room with the big tree in the middle ... its bug out :P




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