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There always is a fixed tax per item, like 8000 credits for a rare mod, which is consumed in the trade and does not become available to the clan.


Adding a 10% tax increases that to 8800 per rare mod, with 8000 being consumed by the game and 800 going into the clan's vault.




Tax is paid by the receiving player, so if I gave you one rare mod for two of yours, I would pay a tax of 16000 and you would pay 8000.

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it goes to lotus. she has to pay for all those kubrows she gets somehow


lotus gets 25.000 for each by sending them to nirvana :-)


i think i understand DE's symbological meaning at "the 'game' with clantaxes" :-))))


i did a birthday-gift for a clanmember in plat, the poor guy (in meanig of paying so much ingamecash-taxes) has to pay 50.000 ingamecash in taxes for 100 plat


thats the way how i love to do gifts, really ...

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