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Silva And Aegis Shield Emblem From Clan, Event Or Alliance!


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I'm not sure If is it from Fan Concept or Feedback, but I assume it's here :P


The Titel pretty say it but I still gonna expend it quick.

My friend though about that great Idea of why not implement a Emblem on the shield, like the old days in middle age?


I though it was a great Idea as the emblem would be big enough and would courage where that for the Clan/Alliance and show it off but also hold it in Dark Sector to show where you from!

While the Event would be also cool, maybe even include some buy-able image of DE itself!


Do you share our version? please +1 that OP to let DE know we want it!


Have better suggestion or weapon? or wanna give a feedback just write it below !!




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Good Idea in my opinion. Would be funny to see some of the clan Emblems. But may a little unfair if someone shows you a drunken monkey or a shadow of a sexy woman.

Well If they want do that, I actually don't care I'm proud in my emblem and that from my alliance, but its preference I guess hehe.

None or less is still fun to see that too hehe

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