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Bandwidth Usage?



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when you're Solo, network usage is almost nonexistant. because there's nobody to Sync with. only background keep alives.


if you're the Client in a match, you get a constant stream of packets from the Host, syncing the match together.

if you're the Host of a match, you receive and send packets in a constant stream from and to all Clients.



Hosting a match of 4 players, my network usage is normally ~30-80Kbytes/second out, and ~20-35Kbytes/second in.

(Edit: remember to multiply by 8 if you want to directly compare to the internet Specs your ISP gives you, ISP's sell in Kilobits because the numbers are 8 times higher and it works as buzzwords marketing on the average customer.

and divide by 1000 after multiplying by 8 if you want to convert to Megabits, just incase that isn't obvious)



not very extreme at all, but it's a lot more than none.

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well it doesnt require much when playing solo but requires more with multiplayer, specially uploadspeed but i dont know the exact number and i think its different as it depends what kind of router one has, location from the router, bandwith and the ISP

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