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Ken's Trading Shop: Looking For Tower Keys

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Hey, thanks for stopping bye. Just so you know, my “wants” list is located at the very bottom of this post. I’m mostly looking to trade for tower keys, platinum would be nice, but I figure it would be easier to trade for what I need rather than buy keys in unspecified quantities. As you will see, my “want list” is fairly vague and encompasses all four towers, so there are plenty of opportunities to trade, hope we can make a deal (please keep offers reasonable). Please also know that I am currently limited to 10 trades a day. Either post here or message me on psn, my gamertag is KenLaw83.

What I Have for Trade…

Aura Mods

Enemy Radar
Energy Siphon

Pistol Scavenger
Shotgun Scavenger

Sniper Scavenger
Speed Holster

Steel Charge

Stance Mods

Bleeding Willow

Burning Wasp
Clashing Forest
Coiling Viper

Crimson Dervish
Crossing Snakes
Eleventh Storm
Fracturing Wind

Gemini Cross

Gleaming Talon
Grim Fury

Homing Fang
Pointed Wind
Reaping Spiral
Rending Crane

Seismic Palm

Shattering Storm

Sinking Talon
Sundering Weave

Swirling Tiger

Tranquil Cleave

Rare Mods

Arrow Mutation





Coolant Leak

Enemy Sense
Fired Up


Heavy Caliber

Heavy Trauma
Hell's Chamber
Hollow Point

Lethal Torrent

Malignant Force
Metal Auger

Narrow Minded
Natural Talent

Pistol Ammo Mutation

Pistol Pestilence
Power Throw
Quick Thinking

Reflex Guard
Steady hands
Sundering Strike

Toxic Barrage
Undying Will

Vile Precision

Virulent Scourge
Vital Sense

Uncommon Mods


Ammo Stock
Bane of Corpus

Bane of Grineer
Bane of Infested
Charged Chamber

Charged Shell
Chilling Grasp
Cleanse Corpus

Cleanse Grineer
Cleanse Infested
Concussion Rounds
Contagious Spread
Cryo Rounds
Deep Freeze
Diamond Skin
Eagle Eye

Expel Corpus
Expel Grineer
Expel Infested
Fast Deflection (warframe)
Fast Deflection (sentinel)

Fever Strike
Finishing Touch
Hawk Eye
Heated Charge
Heavy Impact
Hornet Strike
Incendiary Coat
Infected Clip
Killing Blow

Link Armor

Link Health

Link Shields

Molten Impact
No Return
North Wind
Point Blank
Quick Rest
Razor Shot
Reflex Coil
Rifle Aptitude

Shell Compresion
Shocking Touch
Shotgun Savy
Shotgun Spazz
Smite Corpus
Smite Grineer
Smite Infested
Spare Parts
Speed Trigger
Sure Shot

Tactical Pump

Target Cracker

Warrior’s Grip

Notable "Common" Mods

Shield Flux

Prime Blueprints

AKBronco BP
AKBronco Link

Ankyros BP

Ankyros Guantlet

Bo Ornament
Boar BP
Boar Receiver
Boar Stock
Boltor Barrel

Boltor BP
Boltor Receiver
Boltor Stock

Braton Barrel
Braton BP

Braton Receiver

Bronco Barrel
Bronco BP

Bronco Receiver

Burston Barrel

Burston Receiver
Burston Stock

Ember BP
Ember Chassis
Ember Helmet
Fang Blade
Fang BP

Fang Handle
Frost Chassis
Frost Helmet
Frost Systems

Glaive Blade
Glaive BP
Glaive Disc

Latron Barrel
Latron BP
Latron Receiver

Latron Stock
Lex Barrel

Loki Chassis
Loki Systems
Mag BP
Mag Chassis
Mag Helmet

Mag Systems

Orthos Blade

Orthos BP
Orthos Handle
Paris BP
Paris Grip
Paris Lower Limb
Paris String

Paris Upper Limb
Reaper Blade
Reaper Handle
Reaper BP

Rhino BP
Rhino Chassis
Rhino Helmet
Rhino Systems
Sicarus Barrel
Sicarus BP

Sicarus Receiver

Wyrm Cerebrum

****My Wants****

T1 – survival, capture, exterminate

T2 – survival, capture, defense, mobile defense

T3 – survival, capture, defense, exterminate, mobile defense

T4 – all

Can always work out a deal when it comes to plat.

Thank you everyone so much for making this easy and painless on me.


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