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Update 14.9.0


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  • The Tiberon! Forged by a master gunsmith, this burst action rifle will take down the most fearsome foes!

  • Nova’s Slipstream and Loki’s Enigma alt helmets are here!


  • Capitalized Aura names in the squad panel loadout for consistency.

  • Improved performance on the visual effects of Vauban’s Bastille for longer durations in an effort to reduce crashes.

  • Removed the [satisfied Grunt] subtitle from the tutorial.

  • Made improvements to host/client loading screen wait times.

  • Changed the Dead Eye Aura mod. Dead Eye is restricted to snipers and now offers a maximum of 35% damage increase.

  • Chat fixes and improvements:
    • Fixed player Alias’s being 1 pixel offset on the y-axis from its corresponding message.

    • Fixed the chat window closing the wrong tab when closing a tab through the right click context menu.

    • Fixed chat getting the wrong user when right clicking on a private conversation tab.


  • Fixed an issue where Alerts could disappear from the Solar chart after returning from missions.

  • Fixed an issue with a large hitch that could occur when accessing the Codex or mods screen.

  • Fixed an issue with Sonar’s energy colour not appearing correctly if player cast as Client.

  • Fixed an issue where a player’s Kubrow performing finisher on Jackal could cause the Jackal to cease operations.

  • Fixed an issue with Kubrow size  discrepancies between host and client.

  • Fixed Frost's Snowglobe countdown timer not going away if the shield is destroyed from damage.

  • Fixed Melee channeling mods having a much higher penalty to channeling efficiency for Clients.

  • Fixed Mirage’s Prism lasers not targeting Orokin Drones.

  • Fixed an issue in the Dojo where players are told to build a Grand Hall despite Great Hall being the next Hall in order.

  • Fixed Mirage’s Prism saying it used 100 power to activate when it only uses 50.

  • Fixed cases of Mirage’s Prism lasting forever/not using any energy, and being able to launch a second Prism.

  • Fixed Mirage’s Prism prematurely detonating if it hits a defense target.

  • Fixed an issue where players could not leave or finish Interception or Defense missions if the Grustrag Three appeared.

  • Fixed issue where swapping shoulders with the Buzlok resulted in the projectile embedding to the right of the reticule, where the unswapped reticule was aiming.

  • Fixed Corpus security cameras sometimes being blind to a Mirage with Eclipse active.

  • Fixed event inbox message saying BAYLOR Fomorians instead of BALOR Fomorians.

  • Fixes reported cases of clients not being able to damage enemies caught in Vortex when using the Ogris, Torid, etc.

  • Fixed script error with Smite in PvP.

  • Fixed an issue with the weekly kill leaderboards not always reflecting the correct field.

  • Fixed an issue where the Mutalist Quanta could be completely reloaded at the start of the animation, the animation must now complete before all ammo is reloaded.

  • Fixed some melee weapons not dealing finisher damager after you switch from a different melee weapon (e.g. Hysteria ending).

  • Fixed Hysteria not reverting the player's melee finishers when the ability ends. (source: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/318180-hysteria-alters-behavior-of-melee-weapon-after-expiration/)

  • Fixed an issue where players wouldn’t get the AOE blast when reviving if they were using a Noble/Agile animation set.

  • Fixed issue where the Liset bridge may not lower if you used the quick access menu between locations.

  • Fixed issues with the Mirage Codex/Quest diorama having the wrong or conflicting Warframe presented.

  • Fixed an issue with the Jat Kittag Ground Slam sometimes killing bosses depending on what the boss lands on.

  • Fixed continued issues with pause not working in Solo missions.

  • Fixed issues with host migration causing issues in the Conclave if a player was in a bleed-out state.

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