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Can we get a fix for the z-level bug affecting Torid and Ember's Fireblast?


This is in issue where enemies don't take any damage if they are on a slightly different elevation than the damage locus.


Oh and Torid clouds still need to crit, too.. <3

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Though I do have to ask one thing.

Why on earth can you chose your "Latron Wraith" when creating the Tiberon?


That's a bit risky DE :p




seems to be taking latron wrath or prime to construct tiberon...


I couldn't see my Prime in there, but at least that isn't as bad as having the wraith. (you can at least get a prime again hehe)

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A new burst fire rifle eh?


Well too bad that burst fire weapons are just mediocre in Warframe since semi automatic and full automatic will always be more reliable, more controllable and faster firing that burst fire weapons.

So i fear this weapon will soon start to collect dust with most of the other burst fire weapons or be "mastered away" asap.


EDIT: After being able to test it, i have to admit that it's a very solid rifle. The hitgroup makes it far more reliable than Burston or Hind and it's fire rate is good too. Still it's burst fire nature might not make it popular in the long run.


Also i think you did a poor job showcasing it in that video. The first segment shows a Nova using it after using her first ability, which makes it impossible to see if it was the weapon damage or the ability damage which downed the Grineer. The next part shows her using it on M-primed targets, again making it hard to actualy see the weapons own effectivity.

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the enigma helmet shown in the picture in the main post is actually an enigma helmet placed on loki's basic helmet (you can notice the 2 extra horns), and looks weird (should u fix it? xD)

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