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First things first, I’ve tested this myself extensively.

With the recent gatecrash update; there has been an issue with accuracy. Namely, on certain weapons I’ve lost well over 80% accuracy for one thing, at the end of every mission, and I believe I’ve found the cause. Coptering is a mechanic familiar to many of you; it is the act of ‘flying’ with your sword. I believe every single swing counts as a ‘hit’, i.e. counting towards the final accuracy count, thereby reducing it drastically (Which is dumb because there is no accuarcy on melee weapons). Also, each time your sentinel shoots, you will lose accuracy (My sweeper had 84% accuracy and has now dropped to 81% since the update, and that’s the sentinel weapon on the Carrier (The only one i use). I haven’t tested it, but I believe it’s the same problem bringing a Kubrow (I'am building then nonstop to get a lotus one)

Since this event dropped on Thursday, I’ve lost 3% (Quite alot in such a small time window) accuracy on my Sentinel’s weapon that’s killed 159,919 in total, and has 114,549,096 total XP – so you can believe I’ve played with this Sentinel and it's weapon quite a bit.

On top of this, the headshot counter is broken as well. If I’m standing face to face with you, looking you directly in your eyes, and I pop you in the head, only 7/10 times will it actually count as a headshot. If you stand slanted towards around 35 degrees and you shoot him in the head, a lot of the times, this isn’t a headshot. If you shoot somebody in the back with the Punch Through mod (Shred) through a steel door/barrier (It doesn’t matter if it’s the Pistol or the bow with the same Punch Through mod), and you know for certain you hit ‘em in the head, it won’t count. Before the Corpus got their bunny ears at Easter , headshot accuracy was at least 50% better – it has dropped significantly with recent patches. What’s my problem, is when I nail somebody in the head with my Latron Prime with a full Crit build, it doesn’t count as a headshot, and I don’t gain what I would normally gain, damage-wise – pre-bunny ears, this wasn’t an issue; It has suddenly become one as of the latest patches.

Angstrum, Ogris, and Penta are the bazookas which I have tested, and I have found them all to be affected by this bug. Every time you fire off a missile and you hit a person, with or without splash damage to the surrounding enemies, you actually lose accuracy. In the real world, you’d have at least 100% accuracy, realistically. Each missile counts as a miss for some reason, whether or not I actually hit. If I hit 1 or 38 enemies, it still counts as a miss. If you play a quick Defend map to test it out, you’ll come out with 0% accuracy, even though you’ve killed x amount of enemies with the bazooka.

Also there is a problem with the Codex Scanner, scanning objects not enemy's make you loose accuracy.

My problem is that, no matter what game I play, I care about my stats, a lot. With these broken mechanics in the game currently, my stats will at some point be destroyed completely. I can’t tell if I should just quit playing until the bugs are dealt with, or play and annihilate my stats entirely.

Currently, I have 74% in overall weapon accuracy, will these stats be destroyed when I run around with a Sentinel who’s supposed to help me (But one I ultimately can’t control) because it negatively affects my accuracy as of the latest patch? I haven’t played long with the bazookas; I only use them to level up Warframes on Pluto on the Sechura map due to the XP boost you get from weapon kills.

This message doesn’t have any negative connotations towards Warframe itself. I’ve played 1529 hours as of writing this message, and I love this game to death – I think it’s an awesome game. But, this broken mechanic currently found in the game, is unforgivable from the point of view of my stats. I lose something I really care about on things that are really out of my power. It can’t really be true that I can’t ‘Copter’ through maps anymore without the fear of losing a massive chunk of my accuracy. Furthermore, I can’t control what the Sentinel shoots at, or when it shoots at the enemies, but it destroys not only it’s own, but my stats as well, and it’s out of my power to keep it in line at all times (without removing the Striker mod)

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