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[Ic/open-18+] Ask Spacey's Frames


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Welcome, Tenno!





Just thought that it was about time I branch out from my single topic and this seemed fun. So basically, you can ask any question you want to my frames. They can be a little 'exciting' *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*, just not too raunchy. I will admit, they're all, (aside from Nova) experienced drinkers so feel free to ask them about being inebriated. Also, I have my own ideas on how tenno work, so if you're curious, ask Trinity some biology questions. ;) So, here's the lineup:

Mag Prime, a.k.a Mag


Trinity, a.k.a. Trin


Saryn, a.k.a Serenity/Sera

Vauban, a.k.a. Absolon


I will answer what I can, when I can. I can't think of anything else I should cover, so fire away! Wanna know where all these guys came from? Look here.

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Oh, wow, starting this off pretty personal...um...well...*blushes* I've definitely thought about it, and have in the past. There's one guy I've got my eye on currently, but...I don't think it'll go anywhere.

Well, there are some cute tenno out there, but I've yet to muster up the courage to ask any of them.

Well, sweetie, a girl doesn't kiss and tell. *winks*

I've yet to meet a man who can tame me.*smirks*

*shrugs* I've simply never thought about it. Is this a big deal?

Mon ami, my romantic past is a treacherous and heart breaking path...*looks away dramatically*

*all giggle at Absolon*

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I'm doing all right


Busy with patients. *hurries away*

A bit peckish.

*scrolls through online catalog* Ooo, that's cute.


"Hey Ab, we had an accident in the dueling room and, well...it's on fire."

*gets up reluctantly* Sacre bleu...

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*blushing intensifies*Oh!, um...thanks. *looks away and covers herself* Don't look at me like that, Rhino-kun...

*laughs* You just insinuated that Rhino was a little boy!

*Perks up, blushing intensifies further* What?! But you told me-

Yeah, I lied. Thought it'd be funny, and what'dya know? I was right! *giggles*

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*Sighs* I'm stating to like Smidgeon more than you two, but if you must know, I'm not the one who designed my suit, the council did, so ask them. Loki, stare at my backside again, and I'll paint the wall with your entrails.

*Shocked* Alright, you've been spending too much time with Nyx.

*Chuckles* I've taught you well, young one. *Smirks*

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Freddy Fazbear's...wha?

Oo! Oo! I'd ask around to see what that was! This is one of those trick questions, right?

I'd just destroy the creepy animatronic animals and get out of there.

Wait, how do you know what that was? I'm older than you!

I keep up with the times. Our fellow tenno have been digging up old games, and a friend of mine introduced it to me. He still expects me to buy him a new screen. *Chuckles*

Wait! I'm cool! Why don't I know about this?

No offense, Nova, but you don't know much of anything.


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Well, you do play as a security guard, and if I'm correct with the stereotype of the time, that may imply that you as the player have no actual strength and are most likely an overweight, middle aged man. What disturbs me more is that he keeps coming back, fully aware of the danger.

Maybe he doesn't mind risking his life to get money for his family?

Sonus: That doesn't make sense....he could go to a different job and get paid more!

Maybe it's the only job he can go to?

Sonus: Oh....

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I have a feeling that this "ask us anything" trend is not going to stop any time soon. It's like a disease now, once one created their own version (our "Ask Excalibur and Nekros, which is now "Ask Excalibur, Nekros and Valkyr"), another one is being born in another moment

Right.....Anyway, since this is our first "visit" to this "ask us anything #3", I have a question to all of you: Got any hobbies you do on your spare time?


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I spend most of my time reading online forums and articles.

I like to dance and party. Way more fun than Mag. *chuckles*

Oh, shut up! I'm fun! I'm tons of fun!

Whatever you say...

I spend my free time playing old world computer games that I have Ordis update.

I have an old world bottle cap collection.

You have an actual hobby? I thought you would have said you enjoyed finding new ways to be annoying.

Trust me, I do enjoy getting under you guy's skin, but that's more of an art.

Well, I don't know if it's really a hobby, but I just spend my free time on online catalogs and markets.

Ha! You're such a girly-girl!

*blushes* Sh-shut up...

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