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Wts Purple Eyed Lotus Raska-It's A Little Boy!

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My kubrow puppy grew up into... a slightly larger puppy! And I'm going to sell ONE of his templates.






Here is a puppy picture to show his base colors, he was cute as a button.





PM me whatever you are willing to pay for it, I'll update when it has sold.

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Is it just one print? 60p

Yeah, I might sell both if someone wants two... I dunno it's my first one I feel like I should keep one of them he is pretty cool. Anyone want to top that offer? I can't find anything about pricing Kubrows on wftrading what are these worth. I see crazy high prices on other posts with less warframe specific colors.

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Meh hair color is subjective, it can be changed in the market. Purple energy will probably have effects on gear/cosmetics like the collars... Imo it's probably going to be the most important non-changeable effect at some point now that I have thought on it a bit. Because these things deserve some combat armor. :o


Edit: I looked at some other Kubrow posts and found where to get the good arsenal pictures... It's a bummer steam don't link properly in forum code. I wish more people wanted him, it would be nice to have a couple hundred credits in a f2p game to spend for a change. xD



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Yes I'm selling one, if you want two just say so in your post. Right now UsedTokio is winning the single bid, It's pretty basic how this works, to buy both you would need to double the single highest bid. So 140 for both, or 80+ to outbid for one of the imprints. I'll be wrapping this up Sunday and picking a winner, no one has bothered to send me a message so you guys really don't have much competition.


Thank you for sharing that AoiiToori, I wish the Wiki had more information on Kubrows, maybe you should go add that. :D

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