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Can Anyone Tell Me Frames That I Absolutely Need?



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If you wanna go into end game I'd suggest you get a Loki (with the correct mods of course)... since it seems like you're a freshie then I'd suggest a Rhino for you, he'll carry you through a fine amount of missions until you find the frame you actually want...

so... to sum it up... get Rhino as the frame that'll get you your other Warframes... next up in the production line would be Loki (end game) 

Then the rest is up to you bud, those two frames are just for the acquisition of other frames or to go into higher level stuff... 

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need? no such thing really. I've played with and been blown away by Excalibros, that was my first frame and I still dislike it but these guys S#&$ all over my supposedly immortal Valkyr.


the essential frames are the ones that suit your playstyle. the way the game works with MR, affinity and unlocking planets you're basically shepherded along a set path where you'll end up with most of the frames just from playing. I will say you need to get your frame to level 30 before making a decisive judgement. 

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Rhino is a good beginner frame. Though, if you want to specialize in a bit more:


Offense: Nova, Ash, Banshee, Mirage, Valkyr

Defense: Frost, Nyx, Vauban (Infested)

Support: Oberon, Trinity

CC: Nyx, Loki, Nova (Slow), Ember (Accelerant), Excalibur (Radial Blind), Oberon


These are just from the top of my head. I highly recommend using a frame other than Rhino once you are able to equip yourself with good gear and mods.

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Priorities are Bolded.

Secondary priorities are in Italic.




For solo - Loki, Vauban, Valkyr, Mirage.

For teamplay - Loki, Vauban, Nova, Nekros, Mag, Trinity, Nyx,






Loki - Disarm can fully disable all enemies that wield guns. Can also be invisible for solo/pugs. (as well as ospreys)

Vauban - Can completely disable all forms of melee enemies using Vortex/Bastille. (can be used in conjunction with Loki to dominate the game)







Nova - Capable of slowing or speeding up entire large rooms with her ultimate and currently possesses the most broken scaling power in the game.

Nekros - Adds drop chances to all non-boss loots, making the game easier. Also a vital player in Survival mode.






Trinity - The main healer/energy restore class. Is not absolutely necessary because currently energy restores are just as useful.

Nyx - Is capable of redirecting focus and damage. Very flexible, even in solo. However, syncing her powers has notable issues with other frames.

Mag - Deals massive amounts of damage based on enemy shields. (infinite scaling). Only two factions use enough shields, though.

Valkyr - Essentially known as the melee frame, it's also the most powerful survivor frame. Her ultimate is pretty much a godmode. She also has the highest armour value in the game. Putting armour mods on her allows her to be excessively tanky, even without energy. This makes her a wonderful frame to use in Nightmare Mode.

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Need? There is no such thing as a universally essential Warframe.



If you generally want tips on choosing though:


Rhino, Valkyr, Saryn and Frost are good starter Warframes because they allow a lot of mistakes with their high defense values.


Nova, Frost, Vauban and Nekros are the support Warframes everyone's asking for.


Loki, Rhino, Nyx and Valkyr are excellent end-game Warframes due to their ability to completely negate the enemies' advantage.

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i just need to know the frames i for sure NEED


you probably want one for nightmare mode runs if you ever plan to do those.  Rhino seems a possible there, or one of the meat shields that has high armor/health and low shields, or a healer like oberon, etc.  Just some way to handle "no shields" combat. 


You probably want one strong aoe bomber.   There are many to choose from; I like mag -- she has 3 solid aoe attacks (one that is for shielded enemy, two that are not). 


Otherwise, you need to level at least 5 frames just to get mastery level up high enough to use the top gear.   So consider each from the wiki page and pick some that sound fun to test out. 

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