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Ideas I Wrote Down Just In Case They're Any Good. 10/1/2014 Lukelynn


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x50 restore BP 1.5 M - clans would be able to do this - and people who are high tier players

redraw loot table - make tiers for parts, BPs one tier, parts another tier, part BPs last tier, making first tier a zone for keys and forma for people who have complex ocd like me

make keys craftable? - blueprints to craft void keys, would make void runs less grindy because your going to want to grab every resource, also because the derelect needs to be more endgame instead of widely avaible to all players

weapons balancing - redraw rank requirements for weapons and trading shouldn't be so limited, it's unfair for some, so you need the third rank to unlock trading, 2 for dojo, 3 for oracle, making clan decisions to make more of a decision. Re-rolls for daily rewards as well, people would pay platinum if they really wanted to!

earth Tutorial - make a tutorial that introduces the player to the codex scanner and how antitoxins are built etc. i would've wanted that.

full heals take longer to make but a little less treschone to make, day/night cycles make hese hard to even think of getting one.

mastering a weapon or warframe unlocks its defaults colors for you to use

thought it would be fun if the lootable bodies dropped a rare special mod that made the bodies explode when looted, easter eggs are fun aren't they?

warframes, bluepints should be first time mission rewards and non-saleable, making it less of a pain in thee &#! to get, special frames with respective conditions leave to make a mission thing like mirage's were you use an ODA key with a cipher/ciphers to aquire BP - etc, things that could be considered?

allow a corpus black market trading post once you rescue that grineer guy who gives you the asterist thing, or something like that, so you can do "shady dealings" trading xGallium for xOrokin cells, or xArgon for x  Polymere bundles. limited to restricted things in the resource like cryotic or reactors, catalyst, and forma. but that would still be an idea for stabalizing the trading prices

fix the meshes that turn into vertices that when you clip the game decides to put you on the other side because you wall ran etc up etc something and you're doomed to the outside of the map

please take away map boundaries and invisible walls, i want to explore everything and it makes me cry sometimes, oh, and make the dojo configurable completely, were you can change around everything then hit accept, that way it doesnt take a week because the fancy cross section is facing backwards, or "people are spawning in the middle of the grand hallway and not at the clans entrance. -extra note, add sdk for fans who want to build their own maps or parkour courses, it would make warframe expand, even if you never put any of it in the game.

conclave matchmaking - its annoying when you want to jump into an alert on earth and someone high level makes it too hard or low levels like to rush objectives and fail the missions.

maybe make the clan interface integrated into the ship, would make things alot nicer imo, also having everything accessible in one place is nice, instead of hitting esc and going to communication, then clan. takes too much time for active clan memebers

seperat items bought by credits and platinum then by rank required, it would be more friendly for new players.

default settings make the games fps run slow and sends a bad impression on players, even me, but with a stable config set up im sure people would feel more alive to play after the cutscenes

reduce basic things to make like some weapons and forma, example - paris pime takes 12 hours to make, but if you want to build an akbolto your #*($%%@. consider this maybe?

dont be afraid to change things, im sure something can be done to work around it.

caches - those hidden loot caches should replace the random loot you get in the secrets or harder secrets, except of course you wont get a T4 key from a T1  secret, scale it based on tier?

blueprints should be blueprints, not a one-use class/boullian/infinite-use/why-does-this-game-lack-logic-oh-my-god-rage-quit! you get the idea? also blueprints sold in the market vs clan dojo, how does this magical market tie into anything related to the games flow or concept? maybe make the market @ a tenno thing were lotus is whatever whatever, would make a nice hub/community-center/place-to-go/bad-idea-but-maybe-going-somewere (im literally writing all my thoughts at this point) - another idea, single use blueprints should be called "Encrypted Blueprints" etc - would make more sense imo

when you try to use "a imprint", my ocd kicks in and immediatly i point out its supposed to be "an imprint" an for vowels, a for constanents.

organize the bundles page, and add some bundles like the antitoxin BPs with the antitoxins, only request there really

increase the xp you get from the daily reward,aleast enough to fill 1/4 of rank 29-30. otherwise this is useless.

lead the beginning story into vor being ripped apart, never knew about that until the first time i saw him in T4S

desecrate fails on nonslice bodies if there are other bodies that are non sliced, allowing you to spam desecrate without it doing anything.

if you get the mods when you craft the frame, why are they still drops? - also, more gold mods than people that play this game (its a joke)

just thought of this, make it were you are required to get to a certain rank to "start" a clan, so not everyone is wanting to do it legit but never get anywere because they used all their forma.

more slots in the trading post, this is pretty rediculous.

trading post/ blackmarket trading node / market "planet" / seems like a start to me?

state on the node what the rewards are in assassinate and etc, because alerts have that and newer players will know what they need to go. - sidenote - please allow the recycling of the extra nav segments asteris orange thing etc, my ocd goes nuts on this..

kubrow eggs should be stored in the resource spot, i got a 2nd egg but didnt get it, i was pretty sad about that.

make an organic radar that drops on earth missions, that highlights threshcones, dragonlily, and jadeleaf, it would make it alot easier if you could find them when their camoflauged - aura mod but doesnt highlite through walls? aura of course being 3 rank ups that increase distance?

helios costs 500 oxium, and 20 fieldron, people would prize helios more, and if the caches made a return as i thought about earlier would make the process "FUN" - it's what gamers look for - ps gate crash was freaking fantastic. no bugs at all with it besides the occasional clipping, awesome job!

the "tenno created" weapons should be at the market? or through means were these descriptions are factual or atleast logical.

give the starting platinum at rank 3 etc, farming accounts for plat will vanish, and it gives players time to figure out what they want to do with it.

the rail conflicts are awesome, but if there is anything that could be better, would be clan wars, wars that leave clans to an all or nothing or take over the planet, on a clans dojo/ship, except these last until the goal is met and the clans warship is destroyed and the other clan take control of the planet etc, and defensive reinforcements are limited to both sides. yet another "out there" idea, but i dont want to forget this an never remember it.

make solo scale down a bit, that way its possible to clear missions by yourself when you're trying to clear all of the nodes on a planet. exractors hould be a defense mission before you can accept the reward, and based on your performance and planets difficulty, te extractor takes damage and must be repaired.

adjust kubrow imprints so players can understand what everything does, because i sure as hell dont.

scheduled alerts - reactors on dridays, random vauban on xDay?(stuff like that), could help with making it easier for you and the players.

Alerts should grant bonus xp/affinity/idk what its rly called, giving a legitament reason to do alerts for 2K that are never done.

vermillion is too easy to craft, even though it's day and night ones, people with time would farm both times to make 1, also making lapis something newer players can achieve if they try.

Full restores, can only make 1 at a time, highly expensive, instant use in a radius?

make it to were you have to click-to-claim your daily rewards, because when they pop up while im playing the game bugs out.

I know it's in Beta and you guys are probably working your asses off making this game, but i didnt want these ideas to go to waste in case any of the were any good, peace!






I copied and pasted this from my text file i wrote this in so i didnt lose it if my internet went down. feel free to criticize everything i say or suggest, bcuz idc i just want the best for the game.

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 You know, if you arranged and organized it a bit more, I'm sure more people would read and be interested. Tbh, I can't go through all that and read it, its too disorganized. I did browse through and somethings you have suggested have been suggested around these boards before.

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1) Please make some points.


2) Make some spaces between ideas for clarity.


3) It's good that you write down any idea that goes into your mind, one day your suggestion may be so genious that someone will ask "why didn't anyone think about this before?! :o "


4) See point 3) if you skipped this one. If you didn't please follow point 2.bis) and if you didn't see it, go back to 1).

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