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We Need More Satisfying Ways To Kill Enemies

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One of the main draw to using weapons and abilities for me, is the death effects and impact of the weapon damage.

We need a more visceral feel to the game,

On a consistent basis.

Would be nice if shotguns actually consistently gibbed enemies, rifles punctured holes, swords hammers axes whips all inflicted unique types of damage effects.

I think gears of war and LFD2 had some fun death effects that made it so satisfying to go on a rampage with your favourite weapons.

Warframe has been introducing 100s of weapons but still recycling the same old death animations. Would be nice to relook this.

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Introduce a new setting:


- Metal

- Brutal

- @(*()$ BRUTAL

- Dante Must Die


Each one increases the level of gore in the game and the last one makes everything demonic and it constantly rains blood no matter where you go.


Optional Setting:


- Brony (no blood, only rainbows and all enemies are ponies)


Seriously though, I would love more Gore. I need to dye the Void in the colours of my enemy's blood. It is too clean, too pristine. It needs to be stained. So BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!



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I would like to see some nice new killing effects as well, though it doesn't have to be bloody. I always find it awkward to see an enemy just waving his arms in the air while dieing after a melee attack, which imo should ragdoll the dude a bit instead.

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I can absolutely agree that many weapons seem to lack impact.


Dread pinning to walls is one of the more amusing mechanics, and I would love to see many weapons each being given an additional, purely cosmetic effect.



(Galatine + Volcanic Edge + Vicious Frost + Cleaving Whirlwind = The most solid weapon in the game.)

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my vectis seems like a weak weapon with the enemy standing still waving their hands when shot, its so lame


we need better death animation or a lil' bit of ragdoll

im also wielding a heavy weapon but the enemy feels like being hit by a knife.

ive created a thread like this before but now its in the depths of the forum voids


look at braton prime on how it tears enemy in half, that should be on snipers not with a little gun.

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We also need more instant damage feedback.

Like how an enemy should realistically flinch or stagger after being hit.

So weird to be gunning enemies with a heavy machine gun and they just run off giggling behind cover like I'm spraying then with water.


In reality we are spraying them with water, Warframe is just a giant VR world run by Lotus.

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So a MK/SoF vibe?

Something what I always liked in games is when you hit a target in a certain area it would grab that limb/bodypart of double over from impact (when armored). I think having a move/weapon really impact a enemy with staggers, animations would make the enemies come across as more alive.
And more blood! More blood for Khorne!

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Be nice to be able to do wrestling moves...


Imagine grabbin a baddy and doing a spinning ariel pile driver or suplex lol.


Kinda similiar to some of the stealth take downs already in game.

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This is my kinda thread !!


I've said it a lot before, its too bad only heavy slash damage weapons can gib enemies (except drakgoon and mitter which I'm presuming are bugged because they are the ones that should gib 100% of the time and not 0.1) These days slash weapons are the only ones I use and with the new slash mods I can add few others now, but I never put elemental damage on them otherwise they don't gib anymore because of rng... I miss damage 1.0 :(


Shooting with every other gun feels the same: like shooting air bullets :( so I'll say it again every weapon should make visible damage on enemies not only slash ones.


Have you ever noticed also that you can't pop heads in this game ? like ever ? I've never seen one head get removed, thats a real bummer, it could make all those headshots so satisfying but alas nothing happens.


I support this, they should make a lot more unique death effects kinda like the glaxion which you can see where you hit and then they freeze, yayy something happened other then them falling down !! would make the combat much less stale and this game is 99% combat. All you do is kill stuff please don't make it redundant, more gore effects for all weapons please !!

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