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Clan Dojo Improvements. Megathread


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i made this topic so everyone can dump their ideas of improving the dojo in one place. that might motivate DE to take a look at our ideas for the dojo. you got a good one? burn loose my friend and share your ideas with the rest!


i request of everyone to keep this one clean of flaming, lets be nice grown up tennos on a mission to improve.


just make a small list of what you want in the dojo. as done below so we can make 1 big list of all our wishes together for DE to have a look at.


il go first i guess


what i really want in the dojo  is:


- Docking bay

- Parkour-like training room(melee enabled. friendly fire disabled)

- Text decorations



try not to quote eachother, if you like a idea just +1 it.

(Simply post a list like this and thats all ) so burn loose guys.

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