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Sniper Scope Overlay Request [Toggle On/off] ?


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I dont know if it has already been asked and i'm fully aware that we, the players, demanded this long time ago...

(actually i was against it because, even if not appealing maybe, it was EFFICIENT to have a clean view of the field)


Now... i find playing with my Snipertron Vandal basically impossible...


So i'm here to ask DE if we could have a toggle on/off in the graphic settings for the sniper scope overlay... pleease?


Thanks in advance :)

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and when we turn off Scopes, substitute in some Vignetting instead. it would actually look better, and be less obtrusive on your view at the same time.


on this specific thing, it's odd to me, that Digital Extremes, a Studio with a lot of experienced art people, would have chosen to make obtrusive scopes instead of a more creative looking Vignetting Effect.

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