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More Infested Weapons


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Anyone think that infested have quite a few weapons? thought of adding some.....

P.S.: I`m not that good with names and not sure if someone already suggested these ideas


Rektar: Infested claws

Appearence: like venka but with infested tissues at handle and some flying tissues on blades which are not curved like venka

Stance: malicious raptor



Puncture:33 maybe?



Crit. chance:40%?

Crit. dmg:x1.5

atk. speed: 1.0/sec.

BP location: market for 45k credits

polarities: x1 "V"



Goldra: bow

Appearence: simple bow and string with some tissues on the bow and lighted blue spheres, arrow: like paris but with an infested pulsing mass on the end of it that explodes on contact dealing poison AOE (if the proc occurs if not then it`s pure damage)




fire rate: 1.0 rounds /sec.

Trigger: charge

projectile speed: 70.0 m/sec


reload: 0.7 sec


crit. chance: 45%

crit. dmg.: x2.0

polarities: x1"V",x1"--"

BP location: market for 50k credits



That`s the best i could come up with for now :)

everything is changable but the BP location, not to be placed in bio lab (due to forma craft)


Help with the art work please and tell me what you think ^^

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