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Trading Issue


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For the past several days I have had the same problem repeatedly.


When trying to either invite or be invited to a dojo for the purposes of trading, I cannot make the connection.  I can invite to my dojo, and I can be invited but once I select the "accept" invitation the game tries to connect and I get a failed message, over and over and over again.  With me trying to invite them, and them trying to invite me.


I have gone through the step necessary to check my connection, and I've reset my router.  My equipment is working fine.


In trying to troubleshoot this sometimes (and I emphasize sometimes) I have success when a 3rd party invites both of us to their dojo, and we both then use their trading post, BUT the majority of the time this too doesn't work.  Another work around that I've tried and had limited success with is either of the two parties closing out the game and then login back in, and a third work around is to invite them to game through the Xbox menu.  Every night that I try to trade I have to go through all these work arounds until one of two things happen, 1.  I get so frustrated and just give up on the trade, or 2. I lose one to two hours of game time but finally get the trade done.  IT REALLY SHOULD'NT BE THIS HARD, please help because it is ruining the experience for me.



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