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Hallowed Ground Bug - Losing Proc Immunity


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Ever since the rework of Hallowed Ground to include proc immunity, I've noticed that sometimes procs would still occur when I was clearly standing in a HG field.  At first I chalked it up to lag, but after a while I noticed a pattern so I set out to do some digging.  After a bit of testing, I can pretty confidently say that this is the situation:


If you place two Hallowed Ground fields such that they overlap and then walk from one field into the next, you will lose your proc immunity until you exit and re-enter any of the fields.


I have only tested this as the host so I don't know if there's a host/client difference with this bug, but I invite anyone else to help reproduce and confirm what I'm seeing.  I think the easiest way to test it is to find a couple Hellions on Phobos since they can reliably proc both Blast and Slash (and since it's Oberon we're talking about, Rage+Renewal should give you all the energy you need and keep you alive indefinitely).

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