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Prime Blueprints And Parts Giveaway

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i sold all my un-needed prime parts and blueprints for the currency that is used for the void trader, it was nice giving away the parts/blueprints to help the community build there primes from the items i had.


cya tenno and have a good christmas

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can i have some ember parts? i need those for my crafting. the helmet and chassis? how does the giveaway work tho? sorry i just played the game,


the way the giveaway works is tell me what items you want from the list, i invite you or you invite me to the dojo (if you're in a clan of course) then you give me a mod you don't need

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I need paris upper limb.Can i get one?


got one left, i'll keep it for you


I've yet to get any prime parts from the tower missions I've run - any chance that the latron prime parts and blueprint are still available?


yep, come online when you can, if i'm not online at the time feel free to add me as a friend to know when i'm online

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