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Now What? (Capture Target Floating In Midair, Cannot Capture)


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Doing the Oro mission on Earth. The target jumped up into the air as I was lining up my shot, probably go clear a gap.


I'm not exactly sure what I'm expected to do here.


This is the second time I've been unable to capture a target because of ridiculous stuff like this. Earlier it was a Corpus I stopped with a sniper round to the head, and when I got to him, he was still writhing. Standing over him, I could not capture him either.


Please advise. What am I doing wrong.

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Be a ninja, and capture him from the ceiling..... that is what you miss.



(All seriousness):


Probably should wait for him to be on flat ground before taking him down, this is rather one of the more annoying bugs.


Report it in to a ticket and such forth, hopefully it will be more noticed that way.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "a ticket".

If you click "Support" at the bottom you can also report a bug inside the game.



I find reporting a bug both in the forums and in the support area to be more effective.


Make sure to explain how it happened and how they can re-produce the bug so they can see what went wrong in the coding.


You can also use the "Support" area as a way to send in a ticket about missing items or something that went severely wrong with your account.

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Had similar issues myself with bolt weapons and bows that pin the capture target to things, its also happened once when my latron prime did a blast proc that launched the capture target into the air.

Most times if you wait long enough they get up and you can down them again but not always.

I think it may have to do with the amount of damage done to them, they don't usually get up from a dread red crit headshot.

I hope this gets fixed.

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