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(Devs) New A.i Enemy Design - (Drawn) Earthen


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Ok so i planned on making a series of wood/stone/grass looking characters. Here's the first. I was hoping that maybe the devs would create a new a new enemy planet with enemies based on these characters. Please enjoy!




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does anyone think the devs will see this?

Not likely. They only take a look at stuff that's gained massive traction, and that makes sense in the game.


One does not simply post a fan concept and assume they will see it and then add it into the game. More often than not, that doesn't happen.


What you can do, however, is repost this in the Fan Concepts gallery for accuracy's sake, and then continue to work on concepts. Who knows what will happen.


In the meantime, assume the devs will only be adding human factions, maybe not even any new factions at all. Work with Grineer and Corpus and Infested lore/aesthetic and see what you get. Make these concepts not for the devs, but for yourself.

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