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Clearence> Decent Prices On Prime Parts And Mods

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Everything must go! PM me in game and/or post here and i will get back to you asap. I'm also looking to trade for boltor prime bp and mag prime helm/systems.

Prime Sets
Paris Prime Set 30p

Prime Parts
AKBronco Prime BP 5p
Bo prime BP 10p
Bo Prime Ornament 3p
Boar Prime Receiver 3p
Boltor Prime Stock 5p
Burston Prime Stock 5p
Bronco Prime BP 3p
Dakra Prime Handle 5p
Fang Prime Blade 3p
Glaive Prime BP 5p
Hikou Prime BP 5p sold
Hikou Prime Stars 3p
Lex Prime Barrel 5p
Orthos Prime Blade 3p

Nyx Prime Chassis (offer)
Reaper Prime BP 3p
Reaper Prime Handle 3p
Scindo Prime Handle (offer) sold
Sicarus Prime Barrel 3p
Wyrm Prime BP 5p
Wyrm Prime Cerebrum 5p
Ember Prime Chassis 3p
Ember Prime Helm 3p
Frost Prime Chassis 3p
Frost Prime Helm 3p
Loki Prime BP 5p
Mag Prime BP 3p
Mag Prime Chassis 3p
Rhino Prime Systems 2p


Pistol Scavenger 3p
Rifle Scavenger 3p
Steel Charge 5p
Physique 3p
Rifle Amp 5p
Shotgun Scavenger 3p
Energy Siphon 5p sold

Bleeding Willow 15p
Brutal Tide 10p
Cleaving Whirlwind 15p
Coiling Viper 10p
Flailing Branch 25p
Iron Phoenix 5p
Tranquil Cleave 10p
Eleventh Storm 5p sold
Shimmering Blight 5p

Fleeting Expertise 15p
Natural Talent 5p
Quick Thinking 10p
Equilibrium 5p
Intensify 3p
Streamline 3p
Constitution 3p

Hammershot 8p
Barrel Diffusion 8p
Spilt Chamber 8p
Blaze 10p
Lethal Torrent 8p
Hell’s Chamber 3p
Rifle Ammo Mutation 5p
Pistol Ammo Mutation 5p
Metal Auger 5p
Contagious Spread 10p
Jagged Edge 5p sold

Fired Up 3p
Self Destruct 5p sold
Guardian 5p

Arcane Avalon Helmet (offer)
Arcane Vespa Helmet (offer)

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