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Html5 And Css3 On "edit My About Me Page"


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Hey there everybody.


Wouldn't it be nice adding a supportive function to our personal pages?

Likely doing some tricky and amazing color changes and whatever due to the creativity and capability of HTML and CSS at our pages, that would be amazing.


I am working via those 2 categories, additionally SQL/MySQL/PHP - other construction site.

I would like to animate my page site to make it more attractive and tbh, I am a bit bored about the game and would like to style up my section as I want to.


BBCode is pretty, for odds and sods, but ... well, take yourself an example:



(if this is not allowed, a mod should feel free to remove it. It is just about the :hover function and other stuff.)


How about this idea? Probably not suitable for the most of you, since no usage for those, but its pretty for someone like me.

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