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Happy Birthday Derebecca!


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Happy Birthday!


Some of the in-game bosses gave you greetings as well:


"Can't find me? I'm right behind you... with your birthday cake"



"It's your birthday? Come give your uncle Hek a hug!"

-Councilor Vay Hek


"You are in the presence of Grineer presents!"

-General Sargas Ruk


"Come DERebecca... Your presents await you..."

-Kela De Thaym


"You ever get hammered in that suit? Let's both get hammered tonight!"

-Lieutenant Lech Kril


"You have violated the dress code on this ship. You're not wearing your party hat!"

-Tyl Regor


"Analyzing Gift Quantity: Numerous"



"Birthday Cake Proximity: Immediate. Sound System Employed: Happy Birthday Song"



"Party-mode engagement: Ready. Camera: Recording"



"What kind of party gathering is this?"

-Sgt. Nef Anyo


"Tenno Party Incursion: Inevitable"



"We embrace you on your birthday..."



"(We have presents. Let us in.)"


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