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Dear Ordis,


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You asked me today if you'll ever get mail, and it made me sad. I pouted my little Tenno lips and tried to not let a tear stain the inside of my 'frame. So here I am, Ordis--you absolutely Mad Cephalon, you--to give you one of your very own:



Dear Ordis,


My title and name is Garandoukage Miyamoto Mamoru, and I hail from deep within the Void, residing in a small village known as Munashiigakure. From what I hear of the Sol system's chattering, you seem to be a decent fellow, with a bit of a quirky streak within you. I have one too, so don't feel so down if your master seems to be vacant, testy, or abusive. You always tend to show up just at the right time, and never fail to support them when it counts the most. Perhaps I can help you in return someday, for all of your fantastic efforts? Enclosed within is a photo prior to my usage of a warframe. It is for your eyes only, brave Ordis.




Miyamoto Mamoru, a.k.a. AandOE, Garandoukage of Munashiigakure


P.S. Keep up the good work!




Garandoukage, The Shadow of Nothingness

Munashiigakure, the village hidden within the Void


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