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Game Lockups From Accessing Certain Menus


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Every time I access my "Arsenal" or my mods, the game freezes by locking up the movement of my character. By accessing the arsenal and going to upgrades, when you click the mod's button it would either do one of three things. One thing it would mainly do, would be the fact that it takes me back to the arsenal page, showing the full layout of my warframe. Second, the page would go to the mod's page, but upon exiting it would freeze up my warframe preventing me from moving or roaming around the ship. Although I'm still able to navigate through the ship with either the click of my controller or mouse. On top of this note, I'm also now able to use the buttons on the controller to click on the options verses before it would be just the mouse to navigate through the options. While still on the second issue, as I retry to enter the arsenal after moving out of the mod page, not only am I not able to access it upon re-entry, but I would have to click "Navigation" in-order to re-enter my arsenal or mods. Lastly, the worst possible outcome I've experience on several occasions would be a locked up screen when exiting either arsenal or mods while showing a blank outline of the arsenal layout. This has happen since the whole ship update, but I've never bothered to reported because I've assume that someone else has reported this glitch in the UI. Now since you're 14.9 updates in from that point, I'm going to safely assume it hasn't. It has been bothersome, but I know things get hectic working for an MMORPG and with so many things to do, I can see how little things get glance over at. I appreciate how the Warframe community works hard in-order to achieve greater game play for users like me. I only hope to be seen as a feed back and not a complaint about the game.


                                                                                                                        Best Regards,




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