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Prime Armour Pleading And Tiberon Suggestion


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Just two very quick comments/requests.


Prime Armour

I know I can't be the only one, but I really want a  Prime Armour set to be available for plat in-game.  The current set stays exclusive, but DE, can we please have a prime set of armour that can be purchased from the market, even at a heavily inflated price (500p or there about).  



This gun looks awesome, but I (and people I have talked to) think it is perfect... except for the blades at the end of the barrel.  Would it ever be possible to give the option of whether or not we can have them shown?  I would rather toggle the blades 'off' so they didn't show on the weapons model.  The suggestion would apply to all weapons with "sticking out" bits and would give a further degree of customization without adding too many hours to a weapons development.

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