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Game "alt-Tabbing" Itself Out


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So I just started to have this problem tonight. The game seems to alt-tab itself out. It doesn't go out to the desktop, but I can't interact with the game. The cursor is overlapped with the Windows cursor and I can't use any controls (and occasionally the Windows bar appears at the bottom). Now once this happens, I can just click the screen to go back into the game but, after about 5-10 seconds, it happens again and again repeatedly. I first thought it was a computer problem so I tested out several of my other games but the problem never happened in any of them, just Warframe. I tried switching from Borderless Fullscreen to Fullscreen but that didn't do anything (I didn't try windowed). Is there a way to fix this or are they hot fixing this? It seemed to start after the hot fix. It's a chore to get past the login screen and even more to do anything in the Liset.

Maybe this is the sign to take a break from Warframe (I really need to).

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