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Need Opinion On Next Loadout.



Greetings Tenno.


I've recently started playing this game (And I'm LOVING it so far) and I've decided to start planning on the next weapons that I'm going to build.


I currently have a Level 20 Excalibur, Level 22 Braton, Level 21 Kunais, and a Level 21 Skana. I've decided that I'm going to start building my new weapons before I hit Level 30 for my whole current Loadout, and I'm thinking of going for Rhino (Apparently he's easy to get early on) and Dual Ethers, which I've already started to build.


I need help deciding on my Primary and Secondary though. I want a bow as my primary, since I already have a Rifle, and I'm thinking of going Cernos or Paris. Which do you reckon is better?


For my secondary I'm looking at the Akbolto, which is apparently really good early but I'm not sure. Thoughts?


Thanks for the help.

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Cernos is for shields, but has no upgrade and falls off quickly. Paris is puncture and great for armored enemies, and has a direct upgrade: Paris Prime.


Akbolto is a solid dual-pistol choice, but probably a pain to build early on unless you have decent resources and spare slots.

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I prefer Paris over Cernos, but that's just me. Later on, try to get the Dread, which drops from the Stalker, or the Paris Prime, where it's part can be obtained from the Void. They are both viable end game weapons.


If you can only choose one (maybe due to slots, potatoes, formas, etc), then I would choose the Dread, since it's easier to get, has a higher chance for red crits, and has a faster flight speed than the Paris Prime. The faster flight speed also seems to make the weapon more accurate than the Paris Prime when we're comparing the effects of HC on both of them.


AKBolto can be considered as the secondary version of the Boltor Prime, so it's highly recommended if you can get it. Just remember to have a macro key for that weapon.

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...yeah, Paris Prime > Dread, because puncture damage is far more effective against most enemies than slash. Dread will perform better against certain Infested, but Paris Prime is nearly always the better dps option.


Meh, I still enjoy Dread. I just feel like I'm able to get head shots more easily with it than the Paris Prime.

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