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The Worst Mission Failed Bug!


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I had just completed a wave 55 Orokin Derelict Defense and we decided to leave. Upon leaving the end of mission report before you return to your ship came up and it wasn't were it should be. What had happened was it was off to the right as a secondary screen within, very similar to how the market looks in the ship. When the game took us to the ship it told me that the mission had failed and gave me absolutely nothing, not a single scrap of experience or any of the resources that we had received. I am very dissapointed with what had happened and i do hope that this bug will be fixed as soon as possible. This bug has also happened to me twice before on Caracol.


A link to what has happened as a screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=320227230


Frames people were using: Oberon, Mirage, Vauban, Trinity.

I was also receiving no connection issues during the mission i was checking stats in the view mission progress screen if that changes anything. However other people were doing that and they got all the experience and stuff.

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The dev can't fix the bug if they don't know what is causing it! It all comes down to the details. You need to provide accurate info of various small things.

Please help provide the dev more info. Every bit helps!

Were you having connection problems during the mission?

What were the other players' Frames?

Do you have a screenshot of the end of mission report?

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