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Need Help With Solving My Fps Problem



Hi every one , not sure if this is the right place to ask for help , but here it goes .


Before update 14.9.1 I was able to play warframe on high settings with out lagging , and my fps was always about 60 per second , after update my fps dropped a lot and know it barely reaches 30 fps , I try'd playing on lower graphic settings but it didn't help , same 30 fps.


Here's my pc spec's 


CPU- intel core duo 2.66 ghz

GPU- Nvidia geforce 9500 gt ddr2 1gb

RAM- 4 gb

OS- Windows 7 32bit ( my pc could run 64bit )

Directx- 10 (but my pc spec's say its 11 not sure why)


If any one know's why my fps dropped , please tell me.

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I bet swapping to disk is killing you.  32-bit OS is not taking advantage of the small amount of RAM you do have.

The 9500 GT is a fairly dated card as well.


Run Perfmon and graph your memory usage and disk usage.  At 75% memory utilization you will see more aggressive swapping and transition faults.  Note as well that with that OS, you are limited to 2GB ram usage.  So, at roughly 1.5GB memory use, your OS steps up memory strategies and likely is transition faulting and swapping to disk a lot.  Perfmon should make it rather obvious.  If memory is the bottleneck, upgrade to a 64-bit OS to utilize those other 2 GB you have going to waste.


If memory is staying low enough, then I would get a new video card.  I suspect both are issues, it is just a question of which one is causing the current bottleneck.

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even with the dated hardware a 50% loss of fps is a LOT from a patch. 

Not knowing what they changed under the hood, you can always do "the usual"


-- defrag.  New files often fragment when downloaded and if it takes 432 disk reads to load the graphics textures from disk, that would be an issue.  Think of your hard disk as an old time record player.  Think of your files as songs.  Now imagine the needle has to lift, move, and drop 5 times per second to play the song?  That is what a fragmented drive does to you.  This also means having ONLY ONE "fragment" for your swap file.  To do *that*, you delete the swap file entirely, defrag, and put it back with the setting to keep it a fixed size (make it 2 times the size of your ram).  If loading a file is slow when fragmented, loading bits of RAM that were swapped from a fragmented mess is much, much worse.


-- update your graphics drivers.  Or, if you just did, roll them back.  One or the other version might be the issue.


--  clean up your machine, kill any TSRs that don't need to be running (nvidia is notorious for loading a do-nothing program, as are many other vendors) You can even kill explorer and start the game from the taskmanager if you really want to run on a stripped down OS, though this is rarely necessary and kind of clunky. 

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