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A Warframe Ability Suggestion Thread


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How about we make a thread that all of the comments and the thread itself are for suggestions of warframe abilities? SO that when DE feels like making a new frame they got a wide variety of abilities to polish and choose from, so what do you guys think? I guess i'l start,


An ability that covers at least 5 meters aroud the frame for 17 seconds at max rank, every enemy that enters that range, will be marked until the duration runs out, all of the enemies that are marked will share damage input until the ability duration ends, which means if you shoot one enemy that is marked all of the marked enemies take the same amount of damage including all procs and crits.


Simply a landmine that can be thrown similarly to vauban's abilities, it will detonate if enemies get within 3 meters radius of the landmine, and will have 500 explosion damage with 100% explosion proc

Feel free to write ideas, and upvote whoever you think brought up good abilities

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