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Nekros Haunted My Game


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I just ran the speed holster alert with my nekros.


When the mission was over, everything was darkened and there were no info windows, only nekros getting in Ordis and blasting off. Afterwards, the game was completely black with tiny squares everywhere...that is, until I noticed a peculiar image flash with a beep noise every minute seconds or so. So I recorded it and then took a snapshot.




My Nekros is haunting my game. Bonedaddy ftw.


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that happens almost everyday now (4 times today)...after I extract from a mission it doesn''t show my score or rewards, only this squared black screen, then I go to my liset and have to turn off the game because I can't do anything....

as for the nekros......I suggest you run ;)

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The fact that the image is not even remotely creepy made the whole experience funny tbh.




..Did you try turning it off and on again?


Of course, I restarted WF right after taking the pic.


Edit: just realized that even though I only posted this for fun. it is a bug and belongs in the bug section of the forums.

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