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About He Upcoming Directional Air Attacks


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Just saw the footage from prime time.


Imo it's a step in the right direction ; but it could be taken a bit further.


I just really hope we'll be able to hit multiple times in the air depnding on weapon  type.... would be pretty awesome to land 2-3 quick hits in mid air with Kogake



> The new air attack work kinda like tail waind, you go where you aim 


>Only in melee mode : channeling  increassces your travel distance


>looks cool


>Might be a possibility for chain Air attacks 




Will add more to this post as I'm watching the devstream



I think I misposted  mods , shoudln't this be in GD?

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I can see this with slide attacks also.

Run, slide, tap melee = standard slide attack

Run, slide, hold melee = You spin until you lose momentum and stop, or your tenno gets dizzy


I just put out random ideas half the time, good way to pass the time when I have free time in my computer based classes.

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