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Gradually Rework Corpus And Grineer With Armor Addons Like Warframes For An Explosion Of Visual Variety.


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It's nice that Warframes have all these armor props. Given that Warframe's shapes and sizes are so varied, It's  understandable that they are small bits and pieces attached to the armor. 


But Grineer and Corpus are generally much more homogeneous. There are very few basic shapes, and changes which do not amount for much more than a collor pallete swap (yeas, tehre are some geometry differences here and there). 


If you strip the armor from Grineer Lancers, you'd get something closer looking to a Powerfist or Butcher. 


Say you strip even the melee grineer a bit more for a bare look (no nudies, it's not a hentai game). Then some pieces of armor would be designed to customize and rebuild each class.


The kicker would be to create more than a single piece for each body part, and texture variations. Once the game spawns a Lancer for example, It would pick different pieces for left and right shoulders, body armor, helmet and tighs. 


Some would have patched solders, other would have some grafitti (For the Queens! - Tenno Skuum! - etc.). 


The armor pieces would have some gibbing mechanics, and when a proc or critical hits, it could break pieces which would fly away. The part remaining attached could get a wobbly connection and flail around as the unit moves (for the brief moments before it is killed).




1) Make enemy armor an atachment to the basic geometry.

2) Make Geometry/texture variations for armor pieces for each spawn.

3) Make armor attachment gib and wobble as the enemy takes damage. 

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