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Can Banshee Get A Texture Clean Up?


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Banshee seems to have a lot of white pixels near the lines running throughout her warframe. I think this is due to lower res texturing, but im not positive. It's really easy to see when you comapre Loki prime's lines that run on his suit compared to banshee's.





EDIT: uploaded some non-cropped images and non-compressed to show how easy it is to see, especially on her shoulderpad



As you can see, there's a lot of white outlines there, which I don't have any white on Banshee whatsoever. 




EDIT: Wrong section, please move moderators :P

Reupdated JPEGs to PNG's

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I contacted Lotus about this and she says she'll get around to fixing when the Banshee overhaul happens, which will be like Update 178 lol

Didn't realize they were even considering an overhaul for her, I suppose that's good to know

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