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Ideas To Change Frame Ability And Weapons To Enhance Play Styles.


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Hey guys, So we got a interesting topic here to the developers.


One of the things that made me begin with Warframe was from the fact that you could setup our own play style to begin with, now most other games doesn't allow You to because to limitations and other annoying S#&$ that gets in the way of You having a great time.


Since its a killing/damage based game, and we're allowed to have melee weapons as well as pistols and rifles, having these three it kinda speaks for itself when it comes down to which one you choose to mod. 

So far its rather range or melee, making 2 slots for range is kinda lame, i'l rather have something to use like stun grenades or something more useful than a second range weapon.


So in general there is no point in having abilities taking up slots for other mods, having them is kinda one of the reasons why we picket the frame in the first place. 

Sorting this out by having the mods abilities on a different bar on the same page or even just build them straight into the frame. But they should still take up capacity.


Another thing is to make the weapon damage setup scale with frame abilities, because having them stuck at 4000 damage will make them be removed by other mods.

Whats the point in having one if you do more with rifle or melee ?

And remove the stagger effect, i would want to use smoke screen while air or running.


So that's some of what i feel that needs to be done to fix most of the problems that exist's now.

So tell me what you think and share you're ideas.

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I personally don't like the idea of having a proper "sidearm" I'd rather be able to do something entirely different with my sidearm rather than keep it for a backup.  I'd actually like if I could choose to carry 2 melee weapons and a secondary or something- just have a looser loadout rule maybe say you can bring any 3 weapons but you can only bring one primary.

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I wouldn't want to replace my secondary.


I quite like having my Akzani with me on missions.

Yeah, Not saying they should. But to give us the player the opportunity to choose as you said yourself.

It will always be people who would want pistols and other bananas. I was thinking more of a utility slot for some situations where other frames has the ability to avoid where others cant. Not saying it should be To powerful, it would still make it a better all around slot rather than just pistols. 

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