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Using Archwings In Regular Missions


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Just had an idea, wanted to see some community feedback:

What if we could use Archwings during normal missions? Like on the surface of planets or inside Corpus and Grineer ships. Of course, they wouldn't function the same way as when we used them in space, rather it would be used more like the Grineer Hellion jet pack, either being to hold you in the air for a short time or being used to quickly jump across large gaps. As well, in this form, the Archwing would not bring its heavy weapon along.


This would excellent for sniper oriented players on open maps, because you could pick off long range targets while your cell rushes ahead, and then when the area is clear, you can use archwing to quickly jump-jet across the open area to catch up with the rest of the team.


To balance, of course, there would need to be something given up to equip it during a mission. I was thinking it could occupy the Companion slot. Sacrificing a Kubrow or Sentinel for Mobility and maybe some other boost brought with Archwing would be agreeable to me, as with my Sniper build for Excalibur I have no need for a Sentinel and I dislike Kubrows.


Ultimately though, I know this is a difficult concept. There's the inherent issue of most tilesets possessing mainly small, compact rooms and hallways, but there are also a few places where they could be applicable even aboard the ship tilesets. As well, we have several Warframes that already enhance mobility, but then again we also have weapons that overlap Warframe powers.


What are your thoughts?

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Most of this should be covered by the just-announced mobility update, scheduled for U15 along with the Archwings.


Basically, melee coptering in the air has new animations, and will lunge in the direction of the crosshair, including vertically. This will also be significantly augmented by channelling, allowing the player to fling themselves however they see fit. (subject to change as DE sees fit)


Today's Devstream should be on Youtube, if not now, then shortly.

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No thanks I prefer my game-modes to be different from one another...  It makes it feel like i'm not doing the same thing over and over again... Archwings are good where they are, as soon as you place them everywhere else.... They can get boring... FAST, and could possibly take away the hole 'Warframe' elements.... We might as well just start changing the games name to "Archwing" :/

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My thoughts on the matter are thus;


Idea I) Ordis is 'A stealth ship, not a combat pod!', so what of the missions where the enemy already knows you're coming? I'm talking about the self destruct/dodge all the firepile missions. We could use the Archwings to enter and exit those missions.


Idea II) Based off the previous idea, after the mission objective is completed, maybe an enemy working the consoles could, instead of JUST locking himself in with a killing machine, call out the fighters to take care of said Tenno while he/she/it tries to escape? Then the Archwing would be needed to get out as Ordis would be stuck again.


Idea III) Have the enemy develop anti-aircraft systems for some planets? Ordis can't get inside the radius (again for missions where they know you're coming, boss battles?) so you deploy the Archwing to take you down to the planet instead, as it is too small to be a target.


These would allow the use of the Archwing in daily missions, without breaking current mission-oriented gameplay. I'm really hoping something at least sort of like this will make it in. The Archwing's concept is awesome, and I agree that only using it for those few random missions where you encounter a Fomorian ship is a bit ... off?

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