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Are The Tactical Events Pretty Much Non-Existant-


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New content launches in tiny bursts, or events. The first Tactical Alert was literally just a very basic and early development test - not a release.

No, it was a release. DE put it into the system, if you don't believe me go back and read the PC news on their homepage about it.(or PS4 and XB1, since they are getting it soon)


The test for the tactical alert system was the mini-event Operation Avalanche.


And, no, there have not been any tactical alerts since the hyena facility one (oh my) TWO MONTHS ago. Perhaps the system is just broken and we can't tell because it has not given us another tactical alert.

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So it's one of those things a developer brings up to get people excited about content ...... and then they appear once in a blue moon after people have stopped caring.


So there has been one tactical alert, which quite a few of us didn't know about, and then absolutely nothing since.


Not a peep, not a single sausage, zip, zilch, zero and nothing.


I don't like complaining, it rarely solves anything, so i'm just going to blunt and say that they were incredibly pointless. Why bother bringing them up at all. Why not just say "here is one solo, singular, lonesome tactical alert .... another may appear if we can be bothered" rather than have people wait around for something that just isn't happening.


I enjoy the game, I like to devs to a degree, but this is one of those head scratching moments that leaves me wondering why they bothered with something a lot of folk missed and then we haven't heard anything about since.

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I guess you can't blame them. Coding's a pain in the @$$ and with all the stuff about U15 coming up, they're probably more concerned with making sure we're happy with U15 rather than a few special alerts.


It may have been "added" but not "fully implemented" as of yet.

U15 could be a possible reason why we haven't seen one since the hyena facility. But tactical alerts are supposed to be handled by the same system that pumps out alerts on a regular basis, so there shouldn't be any need for input from the devs.


I'd just chalk this up to another case RNG being RNG.

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the past 2 events where tactical alerts, the first was a test, why do you think they reseble each other in terms of awards? we still get an emblem, mod pack, and a weapon = Tactical Event

I think you're misunderstanding. Gate Crash was a full blown event (evident due to a mod pack a weapon as rewards with a participation badge) like Cryotic Front. The tactical alerts do offer an award for completing the objective, but so far it's only been a booster. Now, a player had the opportunity to run the mission for additional points and the reward was the stratos emblem, like WingedCrusade posted above.

Well, no, because Stratos Emblem.

^(quoted for emphasis)


One of the differences between the two being the badges, the stratos badge is supposed to change after completing a second stratos challenge in another tactical alert. And we have yet to see a second tactical alert. The other difference is the time frame, Events last one week, whereas the Tactical Alerts only show up for 2 or 3 days.

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Why are you preaching this to me? I said that to him claiming the last two were Tactical alerts. I'm Rank 12, I know what I'm doing, and I know what the Stratos Emblem is. XD

I'm not, I was quoting for emphasis. I'll edit my post to make it clear.


XBONE just got the avalanche today, I haven't heard anything of Hyena facility...(other than the boss fight of Neptune)

On PC, the hyena facility was a tactical alert that awarded the Stratos badge after killing 200 hyenas. It was the first real tactical alert.


You'll probably notice that Operation Avalanche doesn't award a participation badge, this is because it was the mini-event used to stress test the tactical alert system.


Actual tactical alerts have conclave rating restrictions, and a Tenno cannot run said alert if their conclave rating exceeds the restriction.

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I like how you said that as if it actually means anything.


I'm rank 11, what does it matter?


All it proves is we've levelled some stuff up.

I am rank 17 and nobody cares about that. Even i stopped caring while ago.



Lets start rank war! It will be funny.

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