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Cymantis A Fan Made Faction.


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Cymantis the Corpus failed experiment. The Corpus wanted to make the infested smater, so they can use them for weapons agianst the Tenno and Grineer. So the Corpus altered the infested DNA to make them stronger and smarter, it worked but the new infested out smarted the them broke out their cells and used the Corpus weapons agianst them. After the new infested escaped a Corpus research center they started to make their own weapons and ships of war. They where so smart they past the Corpus with techonolgy, but they couldn't past the Tenno.


After they made their ships and weaapons they started to genticly splice thier DNA and put cybernetic implants in them so they can rule the origin system. But for a price after a alot genticly slpicing and cyber implants they couldn't reproudce anymore becuase their DNA was so messed up, they had to resort to cloning like the Grineer to save them selfs but the skin did not turn zombie like the Grineer. Then they called them selves Cymantis becuase of the cybernetics. He his an idea what they look like but more infested like.




All factions have leaders. The leader of the Cymantis is a ruthless tyrant that is so strong they say he is able to take a 100 Tenno on and wants to take over the origin system. Why is he so strong becuase he was the first Cymantis that was created by the Corpus, but his body was so messed that he had to do alot of genetic splicing and implants to look semi normal to Cymantis. Just imagen him as infested on staroids with armor. Let that image sink in.



The Cymantis weapons, armors, and ships are clean, sleak, but bulky like the Grineer and Corpus put togather. The weapons are diffrent from other weapons, they have a recharge timer insted of ammo that is great for them in battle but bad for the Tenno. The ships they use are really huge and able to take out a Formian with no problem, but there is only a few of them becuase of the recouces it takes to make them. Here is a idea what the weapons look like. I did not draw this.



The types of Cymantis units are ranged to soldier to heavy weapons. There are about 8 Cymantis types, there is the Cymantis Soldier, Cymantis Specilest, Cymantis Engineer, Cymantis Sniper, Cymantis Medic, and Cymantis Heavy Weapons. just a name of few.


What do you the community think about this idea do you think it's good or just a stupid man's idea. I might messed up with my grammer and punctuation just letting you know not the best writer. :(

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