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Prime Weapon And Warframe Questlines


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(Billy Mays because reasons *Do Not Question This*)


Ever had a weapon that you loved so much that you put 4 Forma on it and then DE releases a prime version of that weapon? Of course you work really really hard to get all the parts for it, alas you don't get what you need. I have a three birds with one stone solution. Prime Quests.


I. It will add more quests to the game which I know DE is interested in doing.


II. While not meant to replace traditional means of Prime procurement, it provides an alternate option.


III. It can help players who may not always be able to go to the Void and rather not buy the parts.



Section I:



In Dev Stream 38 DE announced the addition of the Sigils and that they can be obtained through questing. This is a great idea in itself and the Sigils are an awesome reward, however they did say that they are more for aesthetics. Adding in quests to transform the normal version of your weapon into it's Prime counterpart will give the player an upgrade in firepower. With the introduction of the Arbiters as a new faction, we can learn more about the system and the legacy of the Orikin and the Tenno.


For quests in general, you could add codex entries at each step of the way, each part giving you more and more about a particular part of the story. This will make people want to complete quests.



Section II:



Let me start by saying, these quests should have unlock requirements, they ARE NOT an easy Prime! As far as a basic requirement is concenred, there should be an "X" number of Forma and a Catalyst required. Four Forma would be a good requirement, it means that you ranked that weapon to 30 five to six times. I really don't think people are going to waste Forma on something they don't care about. If you put 4 Forma on everything more power to you. Other requirements like X headshots, X crits, X kills, etc. could be additional requirements. 


Once you've met the requiremts to go on the quest you will be given the option to begin it in the codex. The Arbiters would be great as the quest givers as by meeting the requirements you prove to them you truly seek to master the diciplines of the Tenno.


For the quests themselves, I kinda like how the Mirage questline worked. A 3-4 stage questline with 12-24 hours between each to craft a "key" to the next stage would be fine. Now we could craft each part of the Prime individually, OR we may see that as we go through the quest that our weapon starts changing and becoming Prime. This gradual change occurs as the powerful properties of the Forma are drawn out and manifest on the weapon itself.


The result is that your weapon has now become Prime. Since it's technically the same weapon transformed, it still has a catalyst if you installed one. If the quest requires four Forma you loose three of the polarities, but you get to keep one of them on top of any naturally occuring polarities of the Prime.


Like I said before this IS NOT meant to be a replacement for part drops in the Void. That's not to say it wouldn't be cool to allievate the drop table burdens by using quests.



Section III:


Some players out there don't have a clan or friends to play with, so doing void runs for Primes is hard for them. There are also many players who don't want to spend Plat for parts, nor do they want to farm them. Prime Quests can help players get their Primes.


Off Topic:


If a weapon requries a Forma to build, please give it a polarity. This is especially true for Primaries and Secondaries as there is no stance or aura for them...yet.

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